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Video : Out of Balance (Omega 3s requirements; neurological and wider health)

Some of the worlds foremost experts in nutrition and lipids talk about the importance of balancing omega-3s and 6s in our diet. The making of this was clearly ‘sponsored’, but nonetheless provides valuable objective viewpoints on the importance of lipids to health, from scientists of great integrity who are passionate about the importance of optimal neurological function to the well-being of the individual and species.

During the history of our existence we have never had better education, we have never had better health care, we have never had better wealth, we have all the tools and elements and resources available to us to be profoundly happy, but we our bodies are out of balance

Bill Lands and Michael Crawford, who feature on this video, through their insight and dedication have played truly seminal visionary roles  in research into lipids, leading the field, often against then perceived viewpoints.

The truly fundamental importance of the Omega 3:6 balance and need for long chain Omega 3s is still not fully appreciated.

Marine food generally is an excellent source of nutrients. Wild fish are a better nutritional choice than farmed but are significantly more expensive.  Even the cheapest fish is often out of the budgetary reach of many families.

The issues of how best to feed the world, yet maintain our natural environment are difficult and complex. It is clear that fish are an excellent source of nutrients, but intensive penned farming poses real issues both in terms of control of fish disease and the need of the industry for oily fish to make fish meal.

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