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Video : Acid Test (3 minute version)

“This groundbreaking NRDC documentary explores the startling phenomenon of ocean acidification, which may soon challenge marine life on a scale not seen for tens of millions of years. The film, featuring Sigourney Weaver, originally aired on Discovery Planet Green.”

The 3 minute version 😉

30 years? – Who knows? – but it is absolutely certain oceans will become more acid as atmospheric carbon dioxide rises.

Ocean acidification[i] is ‘here and now’, clearly and easily measurable, and a direct reporter of the carbon dioxide level of the atmosphere. The science of gaseous absorption by water is unarguable, relatively well quantified and understood. Factors affecting temperature change, a mini ice age, light reflecting mirrors, or atmospheric sulphates even if truly viable which is doubtful, will not reduce ocean acidification.

[i]National research council Ocean Acidification Starting with the Science.

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