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Health and Nutrition – The McCarrison Journal

Historically some members subscribed to the McCarrison Journal Nutrition and Health, named after the title of the Cantor Lectures given by Sir Robert McCarrison

The Journal  some years  ago lost momentum so was not reaching its target of 4 issues a year and we understood  was to be relaunched . We later learned that Sage claimed ownership of the title and took it over unilaterally, creating a new journal independent of the Society.

We dispute this; the  President  advises us we always owned the title.  The President was due to send a formal letter to Sage but it is not clear this even happened. It is my intention to follow up on this issue to better understand if a valid claim for the title can be made.

The Journal is peer reviewed so whilst of interest to many is not directed at a wider readership. Importantly it is included in the NCBI database.

Currently the situation as to the future of he Sage Journal is unclear and access is not available

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