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Sir Francis Avery FRCP CBE

Sir Francis Avery was a member of the McCarrison Society. He prepared a paper and and spoke at an AGM about the role of nutrition in health with particular reference to the work of Cleave, and mentioning others including McCarrison, Burkitt and Crawford.

The science and knowledge as to polyunsaturated fats and saturated fats is advancing and it is likely that future views will be more nuanced, with less focus on saturated fats and more on a need to balance the Omega 3 and 6 fats, and avoid ones that are oxidised. Hence views on skimmed milk being better than full fat are likely to change, with recognition that both may have a place depending on individual need, taking into account both the importance of fat soluble nutrients, and water solubility of other important nutrients as reflected in longstanding recognition of the benefits of buttermilk; the key is probably minimisation of processing so milk with the cream naturally allowed to settle and skimmed off, cannot be equated with homegenised or dried milks .

A copy of the speech is included below, with thanks to Elizabeth and Neville Gay for unearthing it ?

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