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The Founders of Modern Nutrition.

Three fascinating booklets were produced on the lives of Cleave, Trowell and Sinclair by the McCarrsion Society but never formally published. They were saved by the President of the former Scottish Society Dr. Cedric DeVoile and kindly donated to us.

As well as being fascinating they are extremely poignant as they set their achievements in the context of the struggles and huge opposition they met to the simple and arguably obvious premise that human health started with nutrition. They are particularly powerful because they include personal recollections of Colleagues and Students of the realities of the struggle for recognition of the importance of nutrition to health, and the ability of it to impact on the occurrence of a raft of health conditions.

They were each visionaries. Each ploughed their particular furrows on fibre, refined carbohydrates, and essential fatty acids. We now know that all three are huge dietary issues each in different ways as essential as the other.

McCarrison Booklet – Dr Hugh Sinclair DM DSc FRP (Link)

McCarrison Booklet – Surgeon Captain T L Cleave FRCP (Link)

McCarrison Booklet – Dr Hugh Carey Trowell OBE MD FRCP (1904 -1989) (Link)

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