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Nutrition and Health

The peer reviewed ‘Nutrition and Health’   journal was published on behalf of the McCarrison Society for 20 plus years, by A B Academic Publishers, which was taken over by Sage, who have subsequently taken over the  Journal title,  unilaterally and without our agreement and in full knowledge of our opposition to their plans, for use as the title for a new journal. We will be contesting this as soon as time and resources are available, on the grounds the Society has good claim to copyright over the title.

It was historically described by Sage as:

Nutrition and Health is a peer-reviewed online journal considering research on the relationship between nutrition and health, focusing in particular on the practical aspects of maintaining health. The concept of disability-free life expectancy is of fundamental importance, as are health-related factors associated with the onset of disability, especially lesser-known causes of disability such as sarcopenia.

The journal also seeks to raise awareness of the interrelationship between nutrition, physical activity and life-style for improving health through life-course, particularly in later life, and to demonstrate how healthcare outcomes and policies can be improved with the adoption of a more nutrition-oriented approach. In this way it aspires to provide an invaluable resource to nutrition and healthcare practitioners, as well as researchers and academics of nutrition studies.”

This journal is a member of the  Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) .

but self evidently is no longer linked, because it no longer exists in Sage’s portfolio as a McCarrison Journal.

The new journal of Sage using of the title is to be found here, including depressingly  sale of our historic content (Link)

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