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Benfits of Membership

Free  subscribership  only is offered at the current time.

In time  subscribers will be notified of any events and have access to our Library.

Separate sign on is required for use of the chat forum. Sadly the systems used make it impossible to use the same sign-in for both.

The aim is in so far as possible to make the information of the site free to all.

The Society historically has operated without paid staff being maintained and been run by volunteers. I as Chair have funded the Society over the last 3 years or so as set out in the About Us – Current Situation section (Link).

For the reasons set out in the above link, whilst the capacity for paid memberships has been built into the site, it has been decided not to seek new subscriptions until the way forward for the Society is clearer and more stable.

It is not clear if a purely voluntary model in a changing world will continue to viable. In an increasingly pressured world where we all have access to more information and things to keep us occupied, including making a living, finding volunteers to run the organisation is likely to become increasingly difficult. If you are interested in volunteering please see our volunteer page and contact us. (link) As above the Society wishes to provide as much information as possible for free.

Once the Society is again stable, possible new sources of funding both for operational expenses and research projects  might be corporate or charitable sponsorship. Crowd  funding could also be  tried to fund specific research projects.

The disadvantage of having a private members area, beyond the possibility of interaction through Pmail etc, is that defeats the aims of free information.

The use of a model that uses the opportunity to create social chapters and subgroups to expand the organisation runs the risk of becoming a social platform for the promotion of individual businesses related to nutrition.

Although the Society would very much like to become an international voice it is important to proceed with caution so as to preserve the wider aims of the Society.

Free Subscriber

As far as possible we wish to be an open access site. Free subscribers will have access to the chat forum and the ability to comment. Information will not be shared with third parties. If and when events are to be held subscribers will be advised. Update emails will  hopefully sent out periodically.

Member (At the moment we are not offering membership)

Historically modest membership dues helped support the Society and  included access to the  Nutrition and Health Journal and to Sage papers, but at the moment this is not available.

Given the Society is in flux, and the journal cannot be offered, it is not felt to be fair to recruit new paying members, until things have stabilised.

Hopefully once current issues are resolved the society can again look at the option of contributing membership subscriptions.

  • Individual Membership – £ —/year
  • Professional Membership – £—/year
  • Senior* / Student Membership – £—/year
  • Dual/Family Membership – £—/year
  • Gift of membership -£ —-/Year

Members may choose to be listed on the supporters page.
News Letters

Those who very kindly donated large amounts of time to edit and produced the news letters for many years feel no longer able to do.

The ‘Nutrition and Health’ McCarrison Society Journal

The Journal  some years  ago lost momentum so has not reached its target of 4 issues a year and we understood  was to be relaunched . We later learned that Sage claimed ownership of the title and took it over unilaterally.  We dispute this; the  President  advises us we always owned the title.  The President was due to send a formal letter to Sage but it is not clear this even happened. It is my intention to follow up on this issue to better understand if a valid claim for the title can be made. The Journal is peer reviewed so whilst of interest to many is not directed at a wider readership. Importantly it is included in the NCBI database.

BequestsBequests are also very welcome, and may be specific for a particular project or purpose or general. Dependent on and in accordance with the wishes of the donor details will or will not be included on our bequest page.

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