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Any donation will be greatly appreciated and will be put to good use including for further development of the web site, digitising out of print books for free inclusion in our library, and helping to cost generally of running the Society.

IF the donor wishes their name, christian name, or psuedonym will be added to the donor list.

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Current Projects Needing Funding (McCarrison Aspirational Projects) (Link)

We are also currently seeking or will be seeking to fund the following projects. If you have a particular interest in a project and may be able to facilitate significant funding for it and so advance the time scale in which it can happen please do contact us.

  • Measurement of vitamin D in Non-westernised populations likely initially in South-West Africa (link) (not yet open)
  • Measurement of Omega 3 in plasma of Non-Westernised populations likely initially in South-West Africa (link) (not yet open)
  • Research into the feasibility of composting of human waste into a product suitable for agricultural usage, its effects on plant health disease resistance and nutrient content. (link) (not yet open)

Corporate Sponsors

We would welcome corporate sponsors, and will include a logo and link at the bottom of the home page.  If you are interested please contact us.

Sponsors Page (Link)


We would welcome bequests, and be please to add them to our bequest page by way of remembering honouring and recognising those who contributed to the Society.

Bequest Page (Link)

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