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  • Two-day short course on “Intervention Strategies to Challenge the Rise in Mental Ill Health” [September 8-9, 2009]. Invitation and booklet available here.
  • IBCHN Summer Meeting [July 10, 2009] : Guest speakers – J T Brenna (Cornell University, Ithica, USA) & S. Cunnane (Research Center on Aging University of Shebrook, Quebec, Canada) < !–[endif]–>
  • Paediatric Nutrition Course – “The Role of Essential Fatty Acids in Paediatric Nutrition” [September 9-10, 2008]
  • International Conference on the Economic Importance of Fisheries and Their Impact on Public Health, Organised by Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition/Ministry of Fisheries Wealth/Sultan Qaboos University/The Mother and Child Foundation, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman [8-10 March, 2008]
  • Expert Research Workshop on Omega 3 and Other Essential Nutrients in Neurodevelopmental and Psychiatric Disorders, A Meeting of Food and Behaviour Research in collaboration with the McCarrison Society, Mother and Baby Clinic, Science Centre, London Metropolitan University [March 27th, 2007].
  • The Letten & Mother and Child Foundation Symposium [Oct 22nd – 23rd, 2006] * Neuroscience and Maternal Nutrition in HIV in Africa *: 22nd Oct – “Neuroscience” at the Novartis Foundation : 23rd Oct -“Maternal Nutrition in HIV in Africa” at the Royal Society
  • “Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids from Marine Sources: Effects of Health and Child Development”, Centre National de Formation de Formatuers et D’Ingenerie de Formation, Tunis, Tunisia [May 18th-20th, 2006].
  • Generating Healthy Brains – Nutrients and Hormones in Development: mental health through coordinated care of life’s beginnings, The Innholders Hall, 30 College Street, Dowgate Hill, London [17th January 2006]
  • Report on Dr Hibbeln’s presentation in this meeting in Economist (19 January Edition)
  • 4th World Congress of Cellular and Molecular Biology Association: Docosahexaenoic Acid – A Molecule with a 600 million year history in Neural Signalling, Cellular and Molecular Biology Association, Poiters, France [7-12th October 2005]
  • The Letten Symposium on Brain Function and Dysfunction, The Royal Society, London [14th May 2004]
  • A McCarrison Society Conference: “The Elements of Health and Disease in the Soil”, Institute of Physics, London [20th November 2003]
  • A McCarrison Society Conference: “Nutrition and School Children – Health Implications of the abandonment of Nutrition Education”, The Medical Society of London, London [14th November 2002]
  • Carolin Walker Trust Lecture: by Professor Michael A Crawford, The Royal Society, London [26th October 2002]
  • The Anne Gibson Memorial Lecture: Infant Nutrition a Peroxisomal Disease, University of North London [6th March 2002]
  • A McCarrison Society Conference: “Human Genome Project, Nutrition, Health and Food Policy”, The Medical Society of London, London [19th September 2001]
  • A New Light on Human Origins, The Zoological Society Meeting Room – Regents Park, London [22nd September 2000]
  • Maternal Nutrition as the Key to the Health and Ability of the Child, Royal Society of Medicine, London [2nd December 1999]
  • Nutrition and Health of Children. A Global Responsibility. Medical Society of London, London [January 1996]

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