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widen interest in the seminal observations of visionaries like Sir Robert McCarrison (link), Sir Albert Howard (link), the Sir Edward and Lady Mellanby (link), Burkitt (link), Trowell (link), Sinclair (link), Cleave link (link), Weston Price (link), Pottenger (link) and others, who predicted and foresaw the arguable consequences of decline in dietary quality and nutrients of human health, and even more fundamentally on human neurological function including behaviour.

We are arguably seeing the consequences of poor diet at population level resulting in increased aggression territoriality, loss of empathy, and potentially IQ, and manifesting including in increased random acts of violence.
IF we are to survive as a species on an increasingly crowded planet of limited resource capacity, we arguably individually and nationally will need all of the  IQ, capacity for abstract thought and empathy, as well and humanity, that we can muster.

Please pass links to the site to your friends, post them on social media, and spread the hard won knowledge of visionaries of an age gone by, so help curb the increases in ill-health and arguable mental decline, which will arguably manifest most prominently in low income and education groups adding to inequity.

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