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Dr Hugh Carey Trowell OBE MD FRCP (1904 -1989)

McCarrison Booklet – The Founders of Modern Nutrition

Dr Hugh Carey Trowell OBE MD FRCP (1904 -1989)

by Denis Burkitt

“Shared credit for the identification of kwashiorkor, now known to be the most widespread deficiency disease in the world

Identified dietary fibre as the vitally healthy substance in plant foods which is missing from industrialised Western diets

Invented the term ‘Western disease’, linking many of the most important diseases, as caused by processed Western food

Challenged the idea that big humans are the most healthy, believing that slow growth and late sexual maturity is best

Dr Hugh Trowell was one of the greatest, most original and influential biological scientists of our time. A brief introduction to his life and work, by his friend and colleague”

Dr Denis Burkitt

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