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New Web But Still In Infancy

Hi kind visitor, you are an potential important element in a public movement for more nutrient dense better quality food, be that as consumer, advocate, educator, or contributor.

Thank you for dropping by.

This is the new nascent Web site for the McCarrison Society. It is still  under development, but hopefully has now reached a point at which it can emerge into the wider webworld..

Fortuitously and McCarrison were free so have been secured by me as future domains for the new web site.

It is hoped the forum facility will provide a facility for the exchange of ideas.

The content is very much just an indication of the sort of material we hope to put on the site. The aim is for the site to both be a provider of information and a hub for links to other relevant sources.To promote material that is useful, including that of others, so reflecting a diversity of views, in the hope of some sort of convergence on some basic tenants such as the importance of the nutritional density of foods, processing in ways that respects their nutrient potential, and the arguable right of all human beings to have access to the nutrients they need for optimal cellular function.

There is no point in inventing the wheel, or not to point out the excellent work of a huge range of people, where necessary adding comment both where views coalesce and converge.

We hope to bring together material to support an argument that non-westernised groups without access to western refined and processed foods were pretty much free of ‘Western conditions’ of ‘civilisation’ no matter what their diet, and that their diets varied widely from very low carbohydrate to very high carbohydrate and everything in-between.

NO question they had conditions to which they more susceptible,  due to communicable disease exposure. limited access to clean water etc, but interesting groups such as the Hunza wiht good water  high sanitation standards, and well mineralised minimally processed foods, were according to McCarrison (thier doctor for many years) rarely ill.

The common factor and key to freedom from non-communicable disease seems to be undamaged nutrients supplied in sufficient amount to meet cellular requirements, and so promote health.

The group of visionaries the site celebrates including Sir Robert McCarrison, lived and worked in nutritional research at a particular juncture, a “golden age” of research into and understanding of nutrient requirements.

They also witnessed personally, or had contact with Doctors who had seen a world where significant numbers of people had not yet been exposed to Westernisation, including western refined food, and were struck by the very low levels of diseases that were common in the west.

They sought to understand these health variencies, and take their observations to a wider audience, but were arguably before their time; the full unaffordable individual social and economic impact of declining nutritional contents of diets would not be seen for another 50 to 100 years, until now, the 2010s-20s.

But in todays world the wisdom and hard won knowledge of these magnificent researcher, has been almost forgotten. The fundamental importance of the simple truths that cell need essential nutrients to function optimally, and consequentially humans and animals need adequate nutrition, have been lost in a combination of human arrogance and the necessity of research silos for the the wonderous acheivments in specialist fields of cellular function including genetics.

Diet used to be considered an essential element of public health, and before the advent of antibiotics, dietary nutrition was a recognised and essential tool in a Doctors’ armory.

We would also like to host blogs open to those of relevant expertise; the site is designed to be able to host multiple blogs.

We would also like to hold free library content for material that is out of copyright, but still contains relevant research or observations that would otherwise only be avaialble second-hand and which can be expensive and or hard to find. We have also linked and highlighted existing libraries of material that is out of copyright at least in certain countries.

The site also has a full chat forum facility which we hope in time will become a useful resource .

The intention is so far as practical all material will be open to all for free. With minor limitations it is hoped we will be able to be an open source site.

With thanks and in the hope you will become a founder of nutritional health be that through rhe food you choose to buy, advocacy, education, involvement or support.

Robert Brown


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