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Dr Hugh Sinclair DM DSc FRP

As Founder and Director of the Oxford Nutrition Survey, Dr Hugh Sinclair helped to win the Second World War on the home front. As Founder and Director of the International Nutrition Foundation, he became the world leader in understanding the vital importance of essential fats to human health. Inspiration to generations of distinguished scientists, loyal friend, original thinker, his deep knowledge, sharp wit, great intellect, and brilliant writing and speaking, make him one of the great scientists of our time. A tribute edited by Dr Mary Gale and Dr Brian Lloyd.

Hugh Sinclair is probably the most original, possibly the greatest, living dietetic scientist. He taught me that we should never take anything for granted, and to be open to every alternative explanation for a given set of facts‘.

Dr Alec Forbes

In 1956 Dr Hugh Sinclair proposed that degenerative diseases which are common in westernised countries are caused by lack of essential fats. Much scientific evidence has now been accumulated to support his theory‘.

Caroline Walker

Eccentric, brilliant, and for many years utterly misunderstood, Hugh Sinclair is one of the great figures of twentieth century nutrition‘.

Dr David Horrobin

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