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Video : American Nutrition Association- Brownstein May 2011

A highly thought provoking if controversial at times, information  packed brave video from an impassioned iodine specialist who is prepared to question the current status quo by reference to trials and historical observations by other doctors.

As with vitamin D when the picture is viewed as a whole it is very evident that low iodine combined with increased intake of; competitors such as bromine; blockers such as flouride; and wider dietary imbalances and deficiencies, is a very real medical problem with very serious health consequences.

We are arguably seeing the downstream consequences of so many serious deficiencies and imbalance in both rising levels of western disease and behavioural disorders.

I look at iodine and some of the surrounding issues in this thread on a site called

Dr Brownstein has to been commended for his integral and wider approach to medicine combining access to modern medicine with the undeniable truth that we are what we eat, and what we eat is not what it was.

High iodine intake is controversial and should be done under medical supervision.

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