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Video : Sherry Tenpenny, DO outlines the many disorders that come from iodine deficiency IAOMT 2007 L.V.

Sherry Tenpenny spent many years in ER before moving back to a more integrative approach. Another brave individual trying to broaden horizons on the subject of iodine by examination of the research.

The introductions make reference to the issue of vaccinations. The McCarrision Society takes no position on the question. It is a very complex subject. Clearly vaccines have produced wonderous results for some dreadful diseases. Could there be occasions where they are of questionable value? There may well be  young individuals who have higher oxidative stress levels who are potentially more susceptible to all sorts of factors including a particular vaccination, but quantifying the benefits and dis-benefits of various vaccinations on a population wide basis is very complex, research is ongoing, and we do not feel able to usefully contribute to that debate.

In contrast insufficiencies and deficiencies of Iodine and Vitamin D are clearly widespread, indeed global issues, which have significant and clear-cut health consequences well support by scientific research.

“Sherry Tenpenny, DO speaks about the deficiency of iodine as well as the disorders that it causes. She goes into detail about the individual conditions caused by iodine deficiency and how to treat them.”

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