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Video : Dr. Mercola Interviews John Ikerd – A brave synopsis of the agricultural system from an economist who ‘changed sides’

A fascinating and truly thought provoking interview from a clear humanitarian, and qualified economist who started his career promoting the intensification of farming in the belief it would provide wholesome affordable food to consumers. He now believes ‘industrial agriculture’ and related industrial food production is not sustainable in the long term, and that it fails to meet its obligation to provide food that supports long term human health.

He believes that because corporations only look to the bottom line they are unlikely to change position.

He is brave thoughtful intelligent clearly very well read informed and direct, and giving time and life to a cause in the quest for a better world, which is why the video has been included in this section.

The dynamics are clearly complex, but it is equally clear that human health is suffering in the form of huge rises in western disease including obesity and related consequential conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  The biggest issue is an arguable risk of decline in IQ, loss of empathy and increase in aggression and territoriality.

Large food related corporations need both healthy employees and stable markets so arguably have an interest in ensuring the population is as healthy as it can be.

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