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In 2004 we were aware the EU had asked for an audit of the cost of ill health. The data that emerged described brain disorders as having overtaken all other burdens of ill-health at a cost of 386 billion Euros. We persuaded Lord Morris to ask in the upper house what was the cost in the UK. Lord Warner in reply did not know. To give credit, Dr Jo Nurse for the Department of Health assessed the cost and reported it at £77 billion in 2007 – a cost greater than heart disease and cancer combined. Both were criticised as using new diagnostics – even so to come head and shoulders above other costs was surely significant. The cost for the EU was repeated in 2010 and found to be €789 billion. The UK repeat for 2010 came out at £105 billion. The Wellcome Trust had the cost for 2013 at £113 billion in 2013.

The work of the IBCHN explains this unacceptable rise and offers the means to both prevent it and provide for continued enhancement of humanity.

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