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Vitamin D deficiency Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease; Some Videos

Low vitamin D is a huge issue for lots of reasons.
This is a post from HER2 Support where I have been posting for a number of years. It is mine; I am RB;
I am using as a test on this site to try out the blogging facility.
More than half of North American women receiving therapy to treat or prevent osteoporosis have vitamin D inadequacy, underscoring the need for improved physician and public education regarding optimization of vitamin D status in this population.”…ract/90/6/3215
“These findings show that free-living elderly Europeans, regardless of geographical location, are at substantial risk of inadequate vitamin D status during winter and that dietary enrichment or supplementation with vitamin D should be seriously considered during this season.”…&therow=110910

4 must watch videos
Vitamin D Prevents Cancer: Is It True?
Skin Cancer/Sunscreen – the Dilemma
Dose-Response of Vitamin D and a Mechanism for Cancer Prevention
Vitamin D & Cardiovascular Disease- New Frontiers for Prevention
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